GovLog N.V. is created by two well-experienced members of the former US Government Management Team, of Gosselin World Wide Moving N.V., Tim Noppen and Stephan Geurts jr.

These former Gosselin management employees, each with long experience in the US Government markets, have become co-owners in a freight forwarding company in Antwerp of which the Managing director has long-term US Government contracting experience.

On 28th of June 2007 this company was renamed Government Logistics NV (GovLog) and has hired from Gosselin several (+/- 20) employees with substantial experience dealing with US Government moving and logistics in order to provide GovLog with able staff support.

GovLog agreed with Gosselin to purchase Gosselin's US Goverment business and undertook the full performance of the Government business directly.

Under separate Service Agreements with GCT, NAS , Gosselin Transport Services, Gosselin Support Services NV and other Gosselin operating entities, GovLog will have available to it the complete range of services and facilities required for full satisfactory performance of all Government-related obligations.

GovLog N.V. is an active member of the International Association of Movers, IAM and also of the International Logistics Network, ILN.

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